Hear From The Professionals

A majority of our clients who buy our silicone rings are people who are looking to replace their metallic rings for easy use in any kind of activity. As it turns out, there are a lot more people who are finding creative ways to use their highly comfortable Marvolis silicone rings. We asked some of them to voice their opinion as to why they replaced their traditional, expensive, and uncomfortable metallic rings. Hear the thoughts of these professionals below.


Silicone rings are hygienic if washed regularly. For us operational staff, treating patients and working close to machinery with large magnets is not ideal for traditional rings. Consequently, many doctors and nurses choose not to wear their rings while working. Not only that, but wearing a metallic ring sometimes tears medical gloves. Silicone rings are soft and can be worn with medical gloves, which makes them ideal for everyday use.
- Karen M.
Registered Nurse


I thought that silicone rings would be a product that only younger people would enjoy, but I've never been so wrong. I know a lot of gardeners who would like to wear jewelry when doing what they love best, which is getting their hands dirty. The washing of a silicone ring afterwards is very quick and easy. 
-Catherine L.


As a mechanic, I work hard and get down and dirty only to be rewarded with dirty hands and a finger that almost always gets stuck in tight spaces or serious electrical burns. I once got electrocuted because of a metallic ring when it came into contact with some electrical wiring. When I first heard of silicone wedding rings, I thought I might give them a shot. I like my ring because of its non-conductive properties. 
- Robert E.


With metallic rings, it's really a struggle to keep moving my hands around the instrument silently. Traditional metallic rings can be a bother as they can hit the neck of the guitar, creating unwanted sounds when your instrument is plugged in. My newly bought silicone ring doesn't give me that problem. Not only is it silent on the instrument, but it also helps prevent damage to my expensive guitar.
- Randy O.
Lead Guitarist


What I like most about my silicone ring is that it can stretch and adapt to my size and movements. As a swimmer, fingers will shrink when exposed to water for too long, and traditional metallic rings may slip out easily and cost a fortune to get replaced. Swimming with a silicone replacement gives me peace of mind because I know it won’t fall off.
- Eric G.