How To Take Good Care of Your Silicone Ring

So, you just bought yourself a Marvolis silicone ring or perhaps you’re getting ready to buy one but want to make sure you know what you're getting into and want to learn how to take good care of it. Or, maybe, you’re just doing research to see what's up and how our silicone rings compare to the competition. Whatever the case, here are some words of wisdom to make your silicone ring last a lifetime.


 How to take good care of your silicone ring

Silicone rings have become very popular in the past few years. A lot of people have injured themselves and were looking for an alternative. Unfortunately, the demands were not met and that's how Marvolis was born. The traditional go-to rings are made of metal, a norm that dates all the way back to ancient Egypt. Nowadays, silicone rings are rising in popularity and there’s a lot less information available out there, simply because silicone rings are a new invention.

Before silicone rings become the next big thing, we've already made a guide on how to take care of it to maximize the life of your silicone ring.

Wash it with kindness
One problem that few people experience when wearing their silicone ring is that they develop a ring-shaped rash around their finger. Although this only happens in very rare cases, it usually appears without symptoms, even if worn for months or even years. However, this has nothing to do with the silicone rings themselves.

So, what causes it exactly? It's called a ring rash. Ring rash looks exactly like an allergy where you put on your silicone ring and discover that it’s creating itchy, red bumps in the shape of the ring. The solution? Wash your silicone ring periodically.

But what’s the best way to wash your ring? Soap and hot water will mostly do the trick, but if you want to go above and beyond, try mixing ½ cup of white vinegar and ¼ cup of hydrogen peroxide in a bowl of boiling water and brush the ring with a toothbrush. You can let the ring soak in the solution for 30 to 45 minutes or you can leave it overnight. Don't worry, it won't harm the ring.

Congratulations! The next time you put your ring on, you will no longer have any problems with ring rash. Even if you’ve never had any problems with ring rash, you’ll want to clean your ring regularly just to keep bacteria from building up. Marvolis recommends cleaning your ring once every 4 months. Keep that in mind to keep your ring clean and fresh.

Take it off when showering or sleeping

Another way of avoiding bacteria buildup under your silicone ring is by taking it off during dormant times of the day. You’ll want to take off your silicone ring while showering, just to keep bacteria and soap from building up between the ring and your finger. You’ll also want to remove it while sleeping, because the body collects dust and bacteria throughout the whole day which can lead to the clogging of substances under the ring.

Take good care of yourself, not just your ring
With these tips in mind, you will experience nothing but comfort and satisfaction with your silicone ring. Avoid silicone if your doctor suggests it or you have an allergy, take care to keep it clean, and always keep in mind to remove the ring while sleeping and showering.