What Are Silicone Rings and What Are Its Purpose?

The Purpose

You may have heard of it or probably saw someone wearing it. It may come as a surprise but silicone rings have already been around for more than 10 years. Before the fitness industry came along, silicone rings were primarily sold to people who worked at factories, vehicles, hospitals, construction and other roles where wearing a metallic ring can spell danger. In some cases, others would still wear their rings despite the hazards resulting into damaged rings and horrific accidents. 

Getting a ring caught in something can be severely dangerous. One such horrific accident was Jimmy Fallon's ring avulsion incident or also known as degloving, where he tripped and caught his ring on the side of a table almost ripping his finger off.  


The talkshow host wore a cast around his finger for two weeks and underwent surgery involving cutting out excess tendons and fat from his wrist and rib and then inserted on his finger. Yikes!

This incident, which is just one of a thousand cases of ring injuries is what prompted Marvolis to come up with a very safe, functional, not to mention stylish and comfortable silicone rings that would last a lifetime.

But how can a silicone ring last a lifetime even though it's still made of silicone? Once you purchase a silicone ring from Marvolis' it is automatically backed with a 100-Year Lifetime Warranty so if you ever damage, cut, tear or lose your ring, you can get a brand-new replacement for free.


What Its Made Of

Although silicone rings have been around for some time now, they still lacked the traits that should compete with traditional metallic rings. Some were easily torn when a small amount of force is applied, pretty uncomfortable, caused allergies and rashes, looked and felt flimsy and plain cheap. 

How many times have you worn your ring while doing an activity only to be annoyed of it because its getting in the way and pinching your finger? How many times have you been scratching that rash on your finger because your ring is trapping moisture underneath? Whether you're traveling or doing outdoor activities such as running, climbing and lifting or doing chores indoors, Marvolis' medical-grade silicone rings are ultra light and extremely comfortable that you can barely feel it on your finger. 

As time went by, we developed a medical-grade silicone which is technically an entirely new kind of silicone that is heat resistant, hypoallergenic, breathable much more comfortable and durable while keeping its flexibility, stylish, functional and most of all, safe.


The Verdict

To sum things up, silicone rings make life a lot more convenient. It ensures safety while keeping up with style and comfort. Now, a lot of people are switching over to replace traditional metallic rings to silicone ones. Whether it be professionals, moms, couples or travelers. Marvolis' silicone rings does what it does best. Ensuring your safety without compromise, a ring that fits your life.