Marvolis Warranty

Simply the best warranty in the industry.

Marvolis silicone rings are light, comfortable and durable at the same time and were built to withstand the forces of man and nature. However, safety always comes first at Marvolis, so we designed our rings to stretch or tear under stress and pressure to prevent injuring yourself or risk losing your finger. No matter the consequences, rest assured that you are covered by our 100 YEAR WARRANTY! If you ever damage, cut or tear your ring, or even LOSE your ring, our superior warranty is here to keep you happy.

smart choice - simple terms - superior warranty

    •  If your Marvolis ring ever gets torn, damaged, misplaced or lost, just submit a warranty claim and we will replace it for FREE* with a brand-new one. This is covered by our MARVOLIS 100 YEAR WARRANTY. Just pay $4.99 for shipping and handling. Add $2 per additional ring if there's more than 1 ring on the claim*.
    •  In  warranty claim, you may request a ring of different size; color and style must remain the same as the original ring. If the original style  or color is no longer available, you may choose a different ring at the same or lesser value than your original ring's price.
    •  This warranty policy applies to ALL rings, including promotional rings. "Promotional rings" are rings that you received in a giveaway contests, free prizes, or using any special discount coupon of 50% or more.

    * Limit to 1 claim per month for 100 years.
    * Exact costs are current as of today, but they are subject to change. This is simply due to possible rising costs that are out of our control, such as postal fees, inflation, cost of raw materials, labor, etc. However, we can guarantee that these advertised fees will not increase more than 10% year over year.

    Last update: 7/1/2021.